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New Facilities

ICI are pleased to announce that the hall projector has been replaced by a much more powerful model which gives a larger and brighter image. We have also improved the quality of the screen area to make best use of the new equipment. The setup for the new projector makes installation of additional equipment much easier: for example it is now very simple to connect in a laptop. The simpler connection includes both vision and sound.

UPDATE: Video On

The video system for the main hall is now fully up and running at full resolution. We provide a Blue Ray Dvd player which will play films at cinema screen size and quality. On the other hand, you can connect your laptop into the system and display your own projects.

Connecting equipment is easy and we have the necessary leads at hand so you can do this. You just plug and play. As always, help will be on hand if you require assistance.

Earlier Event: 25 February
Official Opening