Meet Our Volunteers...... Valerie Campbell.

Here at the Hub we value our team of volunteers that make the magic happen!! Without them we couldn't achieve half as many things as we do. We want to share those amazing people behind the scenes and will be doing monthly interviews with them so you can get to know them too. First up is our lovely Valerie Campbell interviewed by one of our young Digital Volunteers Kylie Ralston. 


Kylie: Hi Valerie. Thank you for doing this interview. Tell me a bit about yourself? 

Valerie: My name is Valerie, I live in Wemyss Bay. I only moved to Inverclyde 3 years ago. Before that I lived in Glasgow. For the past year I had been working in the Volunteer Centre Inverclyde but I just started a new job as a Community Links Worker. I am based in a GP practice helping people with social issues. I use the Inverkip Hub for  a couple of things. I am in a Volunteer group here and  also attend the Knit and Knatter group that is on, on Wednesdays night. Its a lot of fun. 

Kylie: How did you get involved here at the Hub? 

Valerie: There's a volunteer group that meets monthly. They initially met last year and I helped out in my role as a Volunteer Development Worker with the Volunteer Centre but I was really interested in a community cinema so wanted to join. The volunteer group has organised a few events last year including a cinema day, a scary halloween event, a magician and a couple of other things. I have been helping with the organisation of that and also helping out on the day/night when there is something on. And then as I said, the Knit and Knatter group, I attend that too. 

Kylie: What do you you get out of you volunteering role?

Valerie: I get to meet nice people. I get to use some of my skills that I have but also learn new ones from the people I volunteer with. Its lots of fun. We are always laughing. There's a really good vibe about the Hub here, everybody's really nice and you always get a laugh. And then, when there is an event on, like when we had  the Christmas cinema day and all the kids where coming in and they all had a nice day. It was a nice community feel and I like being part of that. 

Kylie: Do you volunteer elsewhere?

Valerie: I have done in the past. At the moment I am on another committee at Wemyss Bay Community Centre. They organise the gala day in Wemyss Bay. So I will help organise that. And previously I have done a bit of volunteering in Youth Befriending and Barnardos. In Inverclyde, I have done stuff at this Hub and Wemyss Bay. 

Kylie: Whats the best thing about the Hub? 

Valerie: That's a hard question…. I don't know if I can put it down to one thing…. I suppose if I was to put it down to one thing, it would be the atmosphere. And I think that's because its a lovely building but also because the people that make it. 

Kylie: Do you feel like there's a lot going on?

Valerie: I think as a volunteer group we done one event too many last year. But I think going forward, starting a new year, you can plan them over the year. There's always stuff going on. If the library isn't open, there is always something going on in the main hall. And after, for example, parent and toddlers, the parents all stay behind and hang about in the cafe area. The football pitch is always busy and we are going to have the new play park opening soon. So its going to be buzzing even more this year. 

Kylie: What would you like to see happening this year?

Valerie: Maybe a couple of more film days. That was really successful. A couple more events. The play park is going to be great when that opens this year. More things involving the community and getting the community involved not just in the Hub, but in the whole area as well. Like the either day, having the consultation for the councils budget on the centre this year, its great to have stuff like that in the Hub, because people can come and say their bit about the community. 

Kylie: If you were stuck on a desert island, what three things would you take? 

Valerie: My baby, my daughter, I would take her. I would take my iPad and I would take my box of wool and knitting needles. 

Kylie: If there was one thing you could wish for, what would it be? 

Valerie: Health and happiness for all my friends and family. 

Kylie: What would your ideal volunteering oppourtunity look like?

Valerie: Not a specific role but it has to be something you can give to, something you can get from as well and something that is FUN!

If you are inspired by Valerie's interview and want to share your skills by volunteering at the Hub, then give us a call or email Kevin on 

The next volunteering meeting is on Thursday the 15th February 2018 at 7pm.

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