Walking Football is Scoring a Goal at The Hub

Walking football is scoring a goal in the community at The Hubs AstroTurf park.

Increasing numbers are turning up every Friday afternoon to enjoy the free sessions,  being run in partnership with ourselves and  Greenock Morton Community Trust, who provide coaching on the rules.

Game Rules

·        Players have to keep one foot on the ground at all times.

·        No running or jogging allowed - Anyone who breaks into a jog usually receives two warnings before a two-minute penalty in the sin bin.

·        There are kick-ins instead of throw-ins

·        There is no offside rule

·        Have lots of fun!!

We are encouraging all men and women aged 50+ of all abilities to take part — and enjoy the benefits of getting active in later life.

Sessions are on every Friday between 1pm and 2.30pm.

There is no fee, but participants contribute about £2 a week to go towards after-match refreshments.

More information is available by calling Kevin at the Hub on 520740 or Brian McLaughlin of GMCT on 731949.

Photographs courtesy of George Munro at the Greenock Telegraph and GMCT.

“We have table tennis as an alternative if there is torrential rain, but usually the walking football will go ahead outdoors.”

“We hope to link it in with other healthy activities at the hub, and it’s also a social occasion for people to get together, enjoy themselves and improve their fitness.”
— Kevin Rodgers - Centre Manager
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